10 Reasons to

Become A Qoin Merchant 


New Customers

Qoin offers you an additional sales channel for your business through a new customer base. Qoin customers actively seek out Merchants that accept Qoin as payment for goods and services.


Additional Income Stream

Qoin gives you the ability to generate a new income stream which can potentially grow in value. 


Receive Q50 Qoin Sign up Bonus

Once you become a validated Qoin Merchant, you will receive 50 Qoin as a sign on bonus. This has a current value  that you can immediately spend with other Qoin Merchants.


Networking & Referrals

Qoin Merchants have the opportunity to network and do business with many other like minded business owners. Qoin Merchants often do business with each other and refer customers to each other. If you refer another business to us who joins, you will receive Q20 Qoin as a referral bonus.


Free Advertising

Qoin Merchants receive Free Advertising on the Qoin Merchant directory and Social Media pages. You can also advertise your business for free on the many Qoin related Facebook groups.


Potential Future Growth

Qoin Merchants have the opportunity to Buy Qoin with exclusive merchant offers or earn Qoin by selling your goods and services to customers. As Qoin is a digital asset, it has the potential for future growth**


Zero Cost to Join

There is no cost to become a Qoin Merchant. There are no set up fees and no expensive hardware or software to buy. All you need is a mobile phone.


Zero Ongoing Fees

There are no monthly fees and no transaction fees. You will potentially save thousands on transaction fees by accepting Qoin as payment for your goods and services.

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